Friday, September 15, 2023

(15-20) Critical

Thursday 15 September 2023

I am critical
not as an adjective
as a grammatical attribute
but the existence of the abstract concept
of involving the objective analysis
and evaluation of an event or a phenomenon
in order to form a judgement.

Not just me, the critical,
but most of the identities
starting with 'I am ...'
are abstract concepts.

1. I nurture you to be self-critical and analytical.
2. I develop your critical-thinking potential.
3. I encourage you to embrace criticism from others.
4. I grow your courage to criticize others.
5. I cultivate you to have the ability to focus on one and only one specific field as a challenging battle — being medical, legal, technology or any other. Do not be distracted to do more than one field.

But that's not all.
more to come ...

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